Timeflight 023 – Exploration of Trance


Rated R – Drift (Extended Mix)
Mario Moon & Dave AirmaX – I’m Free (Extended Mix)
David McQuiston – The One (Extended Mix)
Cosmic Gate – Exploration Of Space (Bekim Izairi Smashup)
Harlam – Two Coast (Original mix)
Paul Todd – Black Tea (Extended Mix)
The Prestige – Forever Memories (Extended Mix)
MatricK & Oskah – All I Need (Extended Mix)
Pinkque – Red Flag, Green Flag (Extended Mix)
Jaron Inc. vs Wavetraxx – Summerbreeze [PT.2] (Jaron Inc. Extended Mix)

Time for Trance 023 – The Red Zone


The Prodigy – No Good (Lucas N. Bootleg)
Gerry Galago – Synthoria (Extended Mix)
Atropate – Such a Beautiful (Extended Mix)
Alex Merk – Ephemeral Reality (Extended Mix)
Daxson & Nation of One – Now or Never (Craig Connelly Extended Remix)
NOMADsignal – Red Forest (feat. Valentyrya) (Extended Mix)
Pinkque – Red Flag, Green Flag (Extended Mix)
David Oleart & Van Der Bert – Trance Lovers (Extended Mix)
Talla 2XLC & Lost Witness – Red Sun Rising (Extended Mix)
DJoy & Alex Soun – Gemini (Extended Mix)
Alternate High – Diving (Extended Mix)

Sound Source Vol. 7


Frank Dueffel – A Summer Fairytale (Extended Mix)
Hypersia, Last Soldier & Nelly TGM – Inevitable (Extended Mix)
Artena, Ren Faye – The Light I See Now (Extended Mix)
Racoon – Another World (Original Mix)
Ravest Hard & Dan Iwan – Love Somebody (Dan Iwan Uplifting Extended Remix)
Fredlite feat. Elin Kling – I Wanna Feel It
Henry Hertz – Amanecer
Legend B – Lost In Love (Madwave Remix)
Gayax – We Love Trance (Extended Mix)
Aion Flow – Serenity (Extended Mix)
Sancar Yildirim, Cenk Eroge & Ren Faye – Paint The Air (Extended Mix)

Timeflight 022 – Kalte Zeit


Avaxx – Breathe (Extended Mix)
Fros7novA & DJ Tranceair – Sychnosphygmia (Extended Mix)
Christophe Quinlivan-Hunt – Escitalopram (Extended Mix)
A.N.D.Y-W. – Smile in Your Face (Original Mix)
RJ Van Xetten – The Dream (Extended Mix)
KINETICA – Skyfall (Original Mix)
F&W – You Will Understand (Original)
Gadolan – Square (Original Mix)
Mark Dekoda – Raum und Zeit (Original Mix)
Dumonde – Kalt

Time for Trance 022 – Trance Awakening


Dave Raval & Daniel Kandi feat. John Kunkel – Run (Daniel Kandi Extended Remix)
Jan de Vice, Josie Sandfeld & Tycoos – Losing Track Of Time (Tycoos Extended Remix)
Adip Kiyoi – Where I Stand (Extended Mix)
Van Cosmic – Awakening (Extended Mix)
DJoy & Alex Soun – Gemini (Extended Mix)
Armin Van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie – This Is What It Feels Like (Artena Bootleg)
GLF – Hyper (Original Mix)
DiNazarov – New Beginning (Extended Mix)
Trance Reserve – Vintage Sunset (Extended Mix)
Fredix – World Without Borders (Extended Mix)
Aly & Fila ft. Jwaydan – We Control The Sunlight (Dan Stone Extended Remix)

Time for Trance 022 – Trance Awakening

Track of the Month Februar 2024

Diesen Monat (Februar 2024) „Track of the Month“:

Fredlite – Who I really Am / ℗ Hypersphere Music Released on: 2024-02-16

Uplifting Vocal Trance Nummer mit Male-Vocals, die an Synthpop ala Code64 / Depeche Mode oder ähnlichen klingen.

Sound Source Vol. 6


Wavetraxx – Million Miles To Go (Extended Mix)
Richie Lee – Open Your Eyes (Extended Club)
Da Hool – Meet Her At The Love Parade (Daxson Bootleg)
Maratone ft. Amy Kirkpatrick – All I Need (Sam Laxton Extended Remix)
JosephAli – Delilah (Original Mix)
Nicholas Gunn And Harshil Kamdar Feat Alina Renae – Here I Am (Richard Durand Extended Remix)
Jam & Spoon – Right In The Night (Balthazar & JackRock Extended 5 A.M. Rave Remix)

Fredlite – Who I Really Am (Extended Mix)
Cadeya – Back to You
Hemstock vs D10 vs Mercurial Virus – Cronos (Extended Mix)
Maria Nayler & Stargazers – My One Foundation (Extended Mix)
Paul van Dyk – Nothing But You (Indecent Noise Rework)
Van der Karsten & Airwalk3r – Striking Moments (Extended Mix)
Indecent Noise & OnTune – Transmission Control (Extended Mix)

Timeflyer · Sound Source Vol.6 – mixed by Timeflyer

Trance Weekend 016


Paul Cry – The Voice Of The Future (Extended Mix)
Vinny DeGeorge – Blue Tide (Extended Mix)
Juan Almiñana Obando – Nawal (Original Mix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody van Eyden Feat. Marjan – Moonlight (Extended Mix)
Pinkque & Roxanne Emery – Better Than This (Extended Mix)
Moroni – Black & White (Original Mix)
Spencer Newell & Karel & Xo Jani – Ride (Extended Mix)
Pierre Pienaar – Kiri (Extended Uplifting Mix)
Inversed – Astral (Original Mix)
Cenk Basaran – The Pain (Extended Mix)
Graham Wootton – In Control (Extended Mix)

Timeflyer · Trance Weekend 016 – mixed by Timeflyer

Timeflight 021 – In Love with Trance

Timeflyer · Timeflight 021 – In Love with Trance


Dan Stone – Venezuela (Extended Mix)
Andres Selada – My Heart & Our Mind (Original Mix)
Alan Morris & Martin Drake – Outrage (Extended Mix)
Thomas Lloyd – Kingdom Of Love (Extended Mix)
Erik D – Rain (Extended Mix)
Vikram Prabhu & Snowman & Helena Kristiansson – Made Of Love (Extended Mix)
Victor Special & The Trance Ensemble – The Light (Extended Mix)
Darren Aitken – Recovery mode (Extended Mix)
MATTN & R3SPAWN – King Of My Castle (Extended Mix)
Chris Connolly – Where I’m Going (Extended Mix)

Time for Trance 021 – Time and Space

Timeflyer · Time for Trance 021 – Time and Space


Daniele Filaretti – Heatwave (Extended Mix)
Rowan van Beckhoven – Return to Dust (Extended Mix)
MATTN & R3SPAWN – King Of My Castle (Extended Mix)
Gabry Ponte – Crusade (Extended Mix)
Andrea Ribeca – Ephemerides vs Spielraum (Armin van Buuren Mashup)
Thomas Petersen – Place to Stay (Club Mix)
URBAN OWL – Out Of Time & Space (Vocal Mix)
Slipstream & Sonic Element – Forgiven (Extended Mix)
Ric Aires – Soulfire (Extended Mix)
Esmae – Forever You and Me (Steven Liquid Club Mix)
Alexander Popov & Whiteout – Algorithm (Extended Mix)
Markus Schulz – Forgotten Element (Extended Mix)